Get the Scoop on TrakCare Training

Think of us at JTX IT Consultancy as your friendly TrakCare guides. We're all about making sure you and your team get the hang of TrakCare without the headache. Whether you're just starting out or aiming to master all the cool stuff TrakCare can do, we've got training that fits your team like a glove.

In the Room Where It Happens: Classroom Training

Fancy learning TrakCare with a human touch? Our classroom sessions are just the ticket. Led by folks who know TrakCare inside out, these hands-on workshops are packed with practical tips. We break down everything from the basics to the fancy features – and we do it in plain English, not tech-speak. Tailored to fit how your crew works, our classes make sure no one’s left scratching their head.

Learn at Your Own Beat: E-Learning

If juggling schedules or wrangling a geographically scattered team sounds like your day-to-day, our e-learning’s got you covered. Dive into TrakCare training online – anytime, anywhere. These aren’t your average click-and-read snoozefests. We’re talking interactive, engaging courses with videos, simulations, and quizzes that keep you hooked and learning.

Plus, our platform’s a breeze to navigate. You can track your progress, hop back into modules for a quick refresher, or test your skills with quizzes. It's learning that flexes around you and your team’s life. Neat, right?

We're here at JTX IT Consultancy with one goal in mind: to turn your team into TrakCare ninjas, ready to take healthcare delivery to the next level. We’re all about showing you how to do more than just use TrakCare – we want you to make it sing and dance for your organisation. Let’s gear up together and make some TrakCare magic happen!"